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Site-Wide Rules **READ FIRST**

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Site-Wide Rules **READ FIRST** Empty Site-Wide Rules **READ FIRST**

Post by Yaku on Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:32 pm

**Disclaimer: Some of the images, and all other respective entities on this site, including but not limited to: Naruto, Bleach, Dragon's Age, etc., do not belong to us; they belong to their respective creator(s)/owner(s). We are merely a non-profit fan-site dedicated to Role-Playing (RP).

Mischevious Behavior/minor harassment:
-No dissing another person's creation. It is their work, not yours. You have no say in it unless it is in direct conflict with your already-made character; same goes for stories and writing.
-No plagiarism!!! Any creations that are like a carbon-copy of someone else's will be deleted on sight.
-No multi-accounting. Trust me, I'll know if you try. If you have siblings or other members at your house and they wish to join, clear it with either Yaku or NamoiRin.
-Causing unnecessary commotion in the chat-box, if a moderator or administrator tells you to drop a topic/change subject and you carry on with it disciplinary actions will be taken
-Acting disruptive towards a player
-Encouraging rule breaking
-Spamming is forbidden, your posts will be deleted and your post count reduced.

-Trolling; a little friendly trolling is okay, but that's it
-Disrespecting staff is not tolerated. PERIOD
-Racist remarks
-Religious jokes and religious discrimination
-Harassment: Many forms, will be handled case-by-case.
-Sexist remarks are also to be considered harassment, and will not be tolerated. A little harmless banter is okay, but if you do it repeatedly, and often, it's gonna have to stop.
-Excessive foul language.

Forum Conduct:
Users must follow post order - 48 hours will be given for a poster to take his turn, if they don't post a staff member will take the place of their post with an NPC. Failure to follow post order will result in your posts not being counted and deleted. This offense is only punishable if it becomes a problem.

If you have a problem with a staff member, follow up the chain of command. Procedure:
RP Mods: Contact an RP Head Mod
RP HM: Contact an Admin
To appeal a ban or warning you should contact either Yaku or NaomiRin - RP Mods and RP HM don't have access to the proper tools.

Asking for/inquiring about obtaining moderator/administrator positions is not allowed. We will scout and recruit any users we feel are capable. Asking for a position makes you more than likely to not be considered for a possible position.

Staff members are to follow the sites rules at all times, failure to do so will result in punishment to match the crime.
Warnings, warning level, and ban periods are ultimately up to the mod issuing them - permanent and IP bans are reserved solely for administrators. If you have a problem with a staff member, work your way up the chain of command. DO NOT message the person that took action against your account and DO NOT message another member in their rank-bracket.

Certain ranks as you work your post count up gives you glows. When you reach a full member, you get a white glow; Veteran Member (300+posts) get a glow of their choice. The glows are given by Yaku only, if you reach a bracket with a glow message him. Restricted colors: teal, turquoise, blue and orange, as they are staff-only colors. However, name-effects (glitter, fire, etc.) will not be given PERIOD.
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