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Elder Tree

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Elder Tree Empty Elder Tree

Post by Yaku on Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:55 am

This is where the Head Rider would stay when he or she were to visit Ellesméra. This tree is over a hundred feet tall, with a delicate spiral staircase ridging the trunk, part of the very tree itself. It leads to a series of globular rooms cupped and suspended in the tree's crown by a spray of branches. There are 5 rooms within. The entry, which, when you enter the tree house, is a circular room with three screens covering the openings to other rooms. A dining hall large enough to accommodate a dozen people, a washroom, and a grand bedroom. In the outer wall of the bedroom is a large teardrop-shaped opening through which a dragon would enter the tree. Inside the room is a bed, situated where the person lying in it could look out the gap and see the stars; a fireplace grown out of the tree into some sort of hard wood that is cold like metal; and a huge low-rimmed bowl set into the floor where a dragon could curl up in. Several lanterns are scattered around inside the room, providing sufficient lighting.

There is also a spiral staircase leading to a well-furnished study with a writing desk fully supplied with quills, ink, and paper. A couple more lanterns are to be found here as well. There was another gap and bowl for a dragon to come join their Rider. Set into the edge of these openings are a hidden screen which, once pulled across the gap and fastened into a groove in the other side, will keep out wind, rain and cold.
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