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Skill Guidlines

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Skill Guidlines Empty Skill Guidlines

Post by Yaku on Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:45 am

This here is for when you make a character and are trying to decide what sword skill, mind skill, and magic skill to give them. Hopefully this clears up any confusion you had about the above listed. There is also some info about other things such as archery skill and other weapons.

Sword Skill

Pretty self-explanatory. Basically how good your character is with a sword, although you don't have to be a swordsman (or woman) at first, most Riders learn how to fight with a sword and are presented with a Riders' blade custom made for them.

However, if you would like to start out as a complete novice in sword skill, that's fine. You can use a different weapon instead. Just ask a mod about whichever specific weapon you would like to use instead, and it shall either be approved or...well, not.

On a scale of 1-30 shall be chosen what skill you possess. 1 is a complete beginner and 30 is a master. You may not start out as a master unless specially given permission (contact a mod for that).

Magic Skill
Again, self-explanatory. This shows how good your character is with magic. All Riders are also skilled in magic, but only a few start out already knowing how to cast spells, namely elves. We shall again use a scale of 1-30

Mind Skill
This one is a bit different. Mind skill is what we'll use to label those who can touch the minds of others with their own. Only a small handful of people can do this, although all magicians and magic users can. However, being skilled in Mind does not guarantee that one is a magic user. One can also defend themselves against having their mind being probed by another. Mind is one of the most dangerous skills, for if you are not skilled in defense, you can be controlled completely by another. We shall have two scales for Mind; Offensive and Defensive, again going from 1-30

Remember, you cannot start out strong in every area, although elves have a greater chance of excelling in these areas, since they have magic within their very being, and their whole race. If you decide to have a 7 in sword, chances are your magic and mind will be hover around 4 or 5. As you continue to RP, your skills shall increase slowly. Ask a mod when your skills may be increased.

Also, if you decide to start out being skilled with a weapon other than sword, please also list that on character creation instead of sword, on the same scale. For example...

  • Archery Skill: 16/30

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