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Domino, Volume 1, Spain

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Domino, Volume 1, Spain Empty Domino, Volume 1, Spain

Post by Avathos on Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:07 pm

Chapter 1: Deceiving Greed

She groaned in irritation as she was woken up from her sleep by a noise that she could not register. Her arm flailed over to her alarm clock and began pushing at the sleep button to stop the noise…which did not cease. Her eyes began to open as the noise slowly became clearer; the voices were not from her radio but downstairs. Her father’s voice was muffled, as was her mothers, so she couldn’t make out what they were saying, but she knew it was them nonetheless. “Not again,” she thought bitterly to herself before sitting up in her bed and staring blankly at the wall; as if trying to convince herself to step out of the warm confines of her nest.
She yawned quietly and slowly slipped out of the warm covers. Her toes curled at the cold flooring, and her body felt heavy, only more proof that she hadn’t slept enough the night before. Her eyes darted off to look at the clock of her radio. 7 am. Dang it. A half hour earlier than she normally would be up; why did the day she needed her sleep the most, have to be the day when she lost it? Two days ago, this wouldn’t have even minded, but then, two days ago, she hadn’t been running from people who were obsessed with her; or more appropriately, her artwork. She missed the low-key life she had before; an average 20 year old who loved hanging out with her friends and helping her parents when they needed it. School, work and home, that had been the only thing on her mind then; but everything changed, no matter what it was.
Trying to ignore the noise on the first floor, she stumbled her way into the bathroom that was right beside her room. Her parents were obviously taking care of whatever was disturbing the relative peace of their home. The ability to have some solitary time was a relief; avoiding people seemed to always be at the front of her mind, so not having to make up excuses, was a gift. She washed her pretty face to wake up then proceeded to step into the shower to wash her light brunette hair slowly, making sure to scrub the shampoo into every strand. The extra five minutes was taken, not out of vanity, but in hope that she’d extend her time alone. When she finished, she unhurriedly dried herself and began to step into her clothes. Every once in a while she would glance into the mirror and catch glimpses of her frame.
A loud sound pierced through the silence, causing her to jump momentarily before walking into her room to silence it, then resumed her normal routine of dressing and getting ready for school.
With her schoolbag over her shoulder, she made her way into her little brother’s room; His soft breathes and snores welcome her, until she noticed a picture of hers in between his arms that he seemed to cling to. She let out a heavy sigh and decided to leave the picture be, before she crossed the room and whispered a soft good morning, then left the room. Her soft footsteps seemed to be twice as loud as she made her way to her room to pull on the tennis shoes she decided to wear, while still convincing herself of the choice she had made.
Soft footsteps were the only indication that she was present, as she made her way to the wooden staircase. When she reached the top of the stairs, she began to hear the voices again, this time no recognition came with the sounds. The voices stop and the echo of her footsteps is the only sound that reaches her ears, nervously she swallowed and after a slow walk through that bridge of safety, she stepped onto the first floor and faced the group of people in the store. With a first look, she could see around ten people standing there in front, and also her parents, who seem to be intrigued by the silence of the crowd that had occurred. Their faces seem to brighten in a disturbing manner of happiness as they witness the girl. Uncomfortable with all of the stares, she turns her face to the floor and tries to walk through them, still clutching her bag.
They were her neighbors once, but now strange zombies that opened a path for her, as if she was royalty. While walking through the crowd the usual bombardments of questions and offers began again;
“Master Electra! Can I have one of your pictures?”
“Master Electra, I can take you to college, or wherever you want.”
“Master Electra, can I do something for you?”
The crowd bombarded her with those questions, but that wasn’t what was causing her guilt and nervousness. It was the faces of the people; they were filled with smiles… smiles that wrinkled their entire faces, their mouths were open, breathing fast, shallow and panicked, their eyes had shadowed rings underneath them and they looked paler, sickly, she knew they were still her neighbors but the guilt was a heavy burden and this was too much for Electra’s heart.
She turned around midway, to see her parents and say with a stuttering voice; “See you”. Ignoring the rest of the people, she rushed towards the exit not making eye contact with anyone or even looking back – feeling that people were still staring at her. “I wish I’d never… I wish I never drew anything in my life” she muttered softly to herself, sniffling, barely containing the tears that threatened to spill as she ran to her college. She cursed that day, when all this started.
Electra didn’t know the how but she knew when her pictures changed. It was one day while her parents were arguing, as always they were arguing about investments the store should take. Every night since the bakery was successful they started with the same discussion, and every night she had to do the same. She would take her little brother upstairs and change the topic, so he didn’t hear them. Eric, though young, was growing less naive to this method, at the age of 6 he knew that something was happening every time his sister took him play. He even had tried to ask his sister what was happening. Electra had tried to explain how the things worked in their family now that they had an income and how it was important to make good decisions; so that their family could continue to live the way they were now. She was honest with him, and she told him everything was fine, that it would work out, and that this was only momentary, but deep inside she hated how money started interfere with the warm feeling that covered the house once.
Electra had to distract him and herself from this poisonous subject, so she had told him to wait and walked to her room. There she had picked up her sketch book and some pencils and walked back. To entertain Eric she offered to draw a picture of him that he could have it on his wall, he agreed and happily posed for his sister. Electra was quite skillful with the pencil, her college peers always praised her for the drawings she made. Not only them though, people always seemed to like her style. So as she was drawing her brother, she couldn’t help but feel like adding extra details, glows of color around him, change some others, adding lines, removing lines. All of which took extra effort, yet when she was done she dropped the picture, what the girl saw was unbelievable. It hardly resembled her brother she looked back at him. Her brother was normal; so why did she draw… that?
Eric, confused by his sister’s reaction, picked up the sketchbook and his face suddenly turned happy, a reaction her drawings never gave people.
“I love it!” he shouted and ripped of the page and held it against his chest. “Can I keep it sis? Please? I will give you anything!” His voice was trembling in excitement; his eyes were wide open, as he asked over and over again for the image. Scared, Electra only nodded nervously in response of the strange behavior of her brother who jumped on the bed joyfully. He stared at the picture all night until he fell asleep. That was the first time it happened, unfortunately it would not the last.
While recalling that unpleasant memory, she muttered to herself, confused and wondering about what was happening and realized she was already outside her university’s building. She quickly made her way to the classroom, people were muttering things as they watched her and stared. Not everyone was excited, some were even afraid. It was only natural; due to the rumors, her drawings were something big to the town and people were calling her an angel or a demon. As she entered her classroom someone grabbed her by the shoulder, she jumped and looked behind her, finding her friend Christopher there. “You seem pretty nervous… are you okay?” he asked worried.
Looking at her old friend’s reaction she recovered from the surprise and nods. “I’m fine… you just surprised me, that’s all.” She replied, somehow relieved that her best friend hadn’t changed towards her.
Christopher then turned serious. He leaned over to her and whispered quietly, ”We need to talk during the break… about what happened this weekend. There have been rumors about you.”
She swallowed, nervous, and agreed; nodding her head. As they went to take their seats, she could feel her classmates eyes, watching her. During the lecture she overheard some whispers, mostly wondering what she is – besides that, the class was normal; a lecture and reminders to check the class schedule for given assignments. Apparently the teacher had no idea about the events, that was a blessing for sure.
After class, Christopher and Electra walked into the cafeteria to talk during a break, “So, I heard your little sister Veronica is coming back to town.” she said, trying to avoid the uncomfortable subject, while they both take a seat at an empty table.
“Electra… they say your drawings are possessed, but I’ve seen them before. They happen to be beautiful… but they are not enough to cause what they say.”
Electra went silent and kept listening, munching on her bread, as Christopher continued. “They say that whoever sees your drawings becomes hypnotized, they stop doing anything but staring at those pictures. Some even say they have family members locked in their rooms with only the drawings. Why do they say that?”
Electra finished her bread and gave him a sad look. “I think something is wrong with me….and they are correct… Somehow my drawings are cursed.” She explained to him about what happened to her brother. She told of how each picture from then on resulted in the same way; bizarre images that made no sense and hardly resembled what she was drawing. How she couldn’t help to draw it, like her hand and eyes moved by on their own in trance-like state. “The worst is that someone saw my new drawings in the park this Saturday. While I was trying to pull things together, I was realizing that no matter what I draw it had those weird images. The woman who saw it found it beautiful; she gave the same look as my brother and offered me money for it… a lot of money.”
Christopher curiously replied, “Why didn’t you accept? You always wanted to be an artist, right?”
Electra glared at him and raised her voice, “You don’t understand!!! She offered me millions!!! The look on her face, how she stared at the picture… It wasn’t normal; I just ripped the page off and gave it to her and ran away.” She looked down after that snap, ashamed of her own reaction. “I’m sorry Chris… but I don’t know what to do. People have been stalking me since that day, the news spread and everyone wanted a portrait. At first I agreed so they would leave me alone, but it only got worse. People would offer incredible amounts of money. They invite me everywhere; I wasn’t the social type to begin with and now to have this kind of attention along with the look on their faces. That’s why I burnt my sketchbook and decided to not draw anymore…”
Her friend looked concerned, uncertain and hesitant…He couldn’t come up with the solution, the situation looked so fictional, but he knew that it wasn’t like her to fear her own drawings. It matched the rumors as well – apparently Electra’s work was cursed.
“What can we do then?” He replied, with nothing else he could say in front of this situation.
“I could run away but I’ve nowhere to go… all I can do is wait… wait until they get tired.” She gave a weak smile at Christopher who was still worried and grabbed her hand gently. He hasn’t done this since were kids, until now when she was in trouble.
“Everything will return to normal, no worries Electra,” he said smiling.
Four days passed, but the situation didn’t change, it became much worse. Some people were bullying Electra, blaming her for the behavior of their relatives or friends. Some others defended her claiming her works as heavenly portraits. Commotion followed her everywhere she went and as it did, she started to isolate herself even more; trying to avoid any contact from people, even her family – sneaking from college straight to home and from home straight to college. She began taking another route, even avoiding Christopher, so he wouldn’t get involved in fights. She was still thinking about a conversation on Wednesday, Electra received a call and apparently someone was willing to represent her works. The even offered to spread them around the country on an expo and promised that she would be well paid. Furious she hung up the phone, after yelling at the person that she wasn’t interested.
She was thinking about it, because the only idea of more creeps stalking her was terrifying, and because she could remember the last words before she hung up; “Stop drawing until we come”. Was that a threat? Was he that mad? Would “they” really come to the town just for her? What did he mean by stop? They probably just wanted to be the only ones to discover her, but even so, she didn’t plan to continue. She was mad at everyone around her and herself, blaming her work and the cursed people, because of this all her life was changed and there was no guarantee it would go back to normal.
As she walked, deep in her morbid and confusing thoughts, Electra saw a bus that was driving the opposite direction. Something called her attention to this scene, like it was something she had seen before. But then again, it wasn’t strange to see vehicles around this street, even if it was a lonely and desolate place. So she continued on her way, slowly meandering in the direction of home. Then as she was passing by the bus, the doors opened and the big vehicle slowed down; all she saw when she turned were two big guys wearing black masks. The men grabbed her tightly by the arms and covered her mouth before she could shout for help, as they quickly took her inside the bus with them. Once inside, her mouth and nose were covered with a cloth and she struggled to breathe before darkness started to seep into her mind. The last thing that registered was a deep and rough voice that seemed to scratch at her skin.
“No one saw us, we can go…” The voice faded slowly as her eyes closed.
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Domino, Volume 1, Spain Empty Re: Domino, Volume 1, Spain

Post by Avathos on Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:08 pm

Chapter 2: Playing Detective

The view was amazing on that travel, enough to keep her eyes amused on that long trip to home on train; Veronica had a pleased smile on her face while listening for the third time in a row one of her favorite songs from Metric coming out of those big old black headphones, all to enhance the effect of this wonderful moment. She liked to travel a lot and even if this girl moved with her uncle on Huesca to work from about a year, this girl that was wearing a blue tracksuit and white sneakers would never get used to the pleasure of these relaxing moments.
Her face changed as soon as the song she was listening to stopped, and as her light brown eyes turned to watch the screen of her cellphone placed on her lap, it showed the last “Battery low” warning on the screen and the black artifact turned off. Veronica sighed in frustration. “I should remember to charge this thing before going out...” she muttered as both of her hands reached to her ears and pulled off the old headphones keeping them hanging from the back of her neck; the only good thing about this, was that she was about to reach her home city, Puertollano so the silence torture wouldn’t last long until she could charge up the cellphone. On the reflection of the window this slightly tanned girl with a chestnut black hair looked at herself and smiled once more saying.
“You really did it, Veronica”
The girl chuckled, closing her eyes and reminiscing the last year, precisely the moment when these intuitions made their entrance to her life. All started in the middle of her senior year, with a day that seemed normal, same waking up, same breakfast, same way to school, but Veronica then had an inexplicable feeling, or better said, a feeling that grew into something more concrete, into a certainty, she could tell when people was lying, strange phenomena that made her grow more suspicious about people’s intentions even more when her suspicions turned out to be “right”, Veronica discovered this as she pointed out when she felt these feelings and the reactions of that people confirmed what she was suspecting slowly but surely. It was confusing at first, and the girl had to take a few days off from school to realize the extent of this situation, yet once she accepted it as something that “just happened”, she started with the experiments.
Veronica went back to school and interacting with different people, she could find out two important things about this new ability she had. First was that this ability would only activate if she talked to the person first, if she remained silent, these intuitions wouldn’t appear; the second factor she realized, and most important, was that these intuitions were hundred percent accurate. Once she realized the extent of this gift, she started using it for her own benefit, investigating for her friends and schoolmates that paid enough, making the rest of her academic year quite pleasant as she gained fame as a prodigy detective. Of course though, she didn’t want her ability to be obvious, movies and television taught her that these things always turned out to be a problem once public, so how Veronica was able to find out these secrets remained as a secret for everyone, but she made an exception to this rule only once.
The train stopped and she reached under her sit to grab a bag with some clothes, Veronica slowly stood up stretching her back and arms on lazy moves, finally she was at home, Puertollano.
Veronica walked out the train; she was heading to the taxi stop as always when a topic reached her ears, apparently a group of five kids hanging near that place were talking about something quite amusing, the words “mysterious disease” and the name of her brother’s college establishment resounded on her ears more than any other word from those phrases, if people could say something about Veronica was that she is a very curious girl, so the girl decided to let the taxis go by as she stood and sit nearby, putting her bag between her legs, to listen the intriguing conversation the students were having.
“My father has it too…”
One of the kids said with a concerned look, replying to the kid that talked previously.
“You really think those pictures are the cause?”
Another friend asked with a skeptical tone, waiting for a believable proof.
“My father has been acting weird since he saw it… is scary”
The kid wasn’t taking back his statement though; anything that was happening seemed to be serious, a few seconds of silence followed that sentence, interrupted by another kid of the group that shyly said with a stuttering voice.
“People on the school… say that the pictures are cursed… that the woman is a witch or something…”
Veronica decided to ask about it, she stood up and grabbed her bag tight, and while approaching she spoke.
“Who is that woman you talk about? How about those pictures, what are those?
She broke the group and stood in the middle, demanding an answer from the kids. They turned surprised to watch this stranger interrupt their conversation, the kids didn’t respond at first, not sure to talk about it with a stranger or not, until one of them, the one with the affected father replied.
“My father says she is a prodigy, an angel, so does some people in town… but others say she is a witch that curses people with her draws…”
Veronica was quite skeptical about it, but she knew the kid wasn’t lying, which made her even more curious about this rumor.
“And what does this curse does exactly?”
She asked politely, giving a smile at the kid to make him feel comfortable.
“My father started acting weird, he doesn’t let go of it or let us watch it... he just stays on the living room staring at it, I hadn’t look myself because I’m scared…”
The kid replied honestly, showing fear beyond the words he could mutter. Veronica asked a few more questions, but she couldn’t get further information about the curse, she was told though that the house of the woman called Electra was nearby on a local bakery. She thanked the information and ran there, holding the strap of the bag very tight and with a big grin on her face she thought “Why, this is a case that is worth looking over”.
Outside the house, she saw a few people chatting, a considerable group though, between six or seven adults on a first glance, Veronica ignored them though and made her way inside the bakery, once she crossed the door and took a few steps inside the bakery, she saw a man attending the costumers, a young couple that was buying some bread, Veronica assumed that the old man was one of the owners, since this was a family business from what the boys said. As a matter of common courtesy and in order to be prudent, she waited for the customer’s leave, and once they crossed the door, she stepped forward and proceed to talk to the man calmly.
“Excuse me, sir?”
Veronica asked. The man attending was apparently on his forties; he had a light brown moustache and was bald, he seemed quite big and healthy, he looked at her with a frown and rudely asked.
“What do you want? You came to buy or to see my daughter too? She doesn’t want to see anyone, so if it’s that, I suggest you to take your leave now”
She was surprised at this welcoming; she tried her best not to talk back and just forced a smile back. Judging by the age of the man Veronica deduced his daughter might be on college or school, so she played her cards in an all or nothing on the next question, it wasn’t like she would get progress any other way.
“I actually attend to classes with Electra, my name is Veronica Mendoza, I just wanted to ask her a few details about the new schedule, she has been helping me for a while and I’m really lost with the new arrangement”
Veronica was trying to look the more natural possible, and surprisingly it worked, but not the way she expected.
“Mendoza? I see…”
The man changed his expression to one at least more friendly-like. Apparently just her last name was enough to earn the trust of Electra’s father.
“She is still on college attending to the art club; she takes a long route, that way she doesn’t not run into any of these creeps, so be patient, she might take a while”
Fortunately, no one else was coming inside; those adults she saw outside, those “creeps” were camping outside, most likely waiting for Electra to come home. Veronica nodded at the man, and stood near the counter, and after a minute of awkward silence, the man interrupted asking.
“So, how is your brother doing?”
Veronica and Electra’s father were talking for a while, now both were just chatting about trivial stuff and laughing, the man seemed to be very nice once the ice was broken, she found out where she studied and that Christopher, her brother, was actually friends with Electra, this gave her mixed feelings, asking herself if he was also under this spell and how did it even work. The man was telling the truth when he said that this just happened from one day to another and just a week ago, she found fishy about it, the kindness and honesty of this man was actually making her doubt about the intentions of Electra and this curse, maybe she was like her, but then again, why?. Anyways Christopher would be able to help, so she didn’t let those thoughts overwhelm her mind and kept talking to the man, discretely gathering information about the event. While both were just talking about her family, Veronica took a look at her watch; it was 20:13 in the evening, amazingly she was more than two hours waiting and there were no signs of Electra’s presence. She asked to Electra’s father.
“How long does she usually take to get here? It’s getting late and I really have to go home!”
The man’s face expression changed as he looked at the store’s clock, an old model hanging in the wall, like he would just realized something very important.
“She… might just be late…”
The man stuttered trying not to show his real concern, between the “creeps” and all that happened lately; it was obvious how worried he was.
“I will look for her”
Veronica said with a determined voice. She didn’t know Electra at all, but she was her brother’s friend and the daughter of this kind sir, also, she shared the bad feeling about was this, she felt like the cursed people wasn’t really the victim of this, but Electra herself. Being Electra’s or somebody else’s fault, she would solve this case, not for nothing she was helping her uncle on the police department of Huesca, interrogating criminals and accomplishing a dream she had for so long.
The old man could just nod at her with a relieved smile, as he cursed himself for not having a car, he could only wish her luck as she left her bag on the floor and walked her way out the store. Minutes after, Veronica came back and stared at the man, breathing heavily. Electra’s father surprised stared back at her, she walked her way in, and facing the man she asked.
“What’s the new path she takes from college?”
Veronica was running down the street, she was blushing from embarrassment after that last shameful scene.
“Damn! Way to ruin your epic moment you idiot!”
She complained complaint that way while running down the street with the sound of her steps echoing on the almost-empty of people blocks, thanking herself she was wearing a running shoes, asking anyone she found for Electra, with no results though. Some people didn’t care, some were looking for her themselves and others just didn’t know her or seen her, it was frustrating.
After so much run, she finally got to the establishment where Electra studied. Veronica looked inside, but was unable to find Electra or Christopher or anyone at all, sad thing since at least finding Christopher would’ve helped her to find more information about her whereabouts. Out of clues, she had no choice but to run back the same path she came from to check if, by any minimal chance, Veronica missed her while she was inside that place.
As Veronica walked out the empty establishment completely disappointed on the results of her effort, she saw two men that weren’t there when she entered; they were waiting outside in the gates. One was wearing a blue suit, white shirt, rectangular glasses and a blue tie, looking formal as for a job interview, the guy with him was all the opposite, he looked like a gang member with a black leather jacket and nothing else on the top, which was already weird, he also wore blue jeans and was smoking a cigarette while giving Veronica a mean look, like telling her to piss off. Nervous and without making eye contact, she just walked her way past them, but a few steps further she stopped. “I shouldn’t be afraid of them, they might know something, just… act naturally” She thought, and encouraging herself, she turned to ask.
“Excuse me? Have you seen Electra around?”
As soon as she asked, Veronica realized the stupidity of her question, they didn’t seem like people from the town, of course they didn’t…
“Nah, I’m just looking for my son, so beat it!”
The guy with the black leather jacket replied calmly, without dropping the cigarette from his mouth or looking at her. Veronica gasped; even when she was about to ignore them, even when that question was like throwing a blind dart, she was probably close to the responsible people of Electra’s disappearance, the man right in front of her was lying. Resolved to find the truth, she continued.
“So, you don’t know Electra?”
The man met her eyes with a glare.
“I said no, now fuck off!”
“Another lie” Veronica confirmed. The guy in the suit, who was apparently on his twenties was limiting himself to observe Veronica with a frown as the one of the jacket, probably on his thirties was running out of patience with the brat that was questioning him. She felt the pressure of that guy’s look, but she went even further.
“You came here for Electra… didn’t you?”
She glared at the man’s eyes, as he returned a suspicious look, he finished his cigarette with a deep breath on it, then dropped the rest to the ground and exhaled a big cloud of smoke from his mouth, the guy with the jacket chuckled and with a confident smile, he answered.
“No, we hadn’t”
It was another lie.
Veronica was being lead to an unknown location, she was nervous, looking around to see any familiar face, but no luck. What were these guys planning? What were they going to do to Electra? She looked forward to see the two mysterious guys; Darnell was walking calmly, with his hands on his pockets while the guy on the suit was talking on the phone on a language that sounded like French. Behind her, six men were walking from a prudent distance, all wearing casual clothes but keeping an eye on her. She could just wonder what her fate was, looking back in that moment, asking herself how she could have handle that situation better.

After the man with the leather jacket answered the last question, Veronica took a few steps backwards, with her eyes widened, indeed, it was them. They did it, but why they were here in the crime scene? Were they looking for witnesses? If that was the case, she was finished.
The man in the blue suit sighed and finally talked with a weird yet polite accent.
“Don’t answer any other question, Darnell, she clearly knows”
The guy with the jacket just chuckled and answered, while scratching his ear.
“Yeah yeah, I wonder why though, could you check on her?”
Veronica was silent, they didn’t care? But most important “Check on me?” she thought.
“Already did, she is unlocked too, I don’t think she is with LaMontt though”
Unlocked? LaMontt? What were they talking about? She took a few more steps backwards, she had enough of this, Veronica knew this was out of her grasp and that she needed help, but before she could turn to run, two men came out of nowhere to stop her, grabbing her tight by the shoulders. Before she could let out a scream, one of the guys covered her mouth as the other lifted his own shirt, showing the handle of a gun.
“Be wise kid…”
The goon holding her whispered, he was wearing a loose black shirt, trunks and sandals.
“We won’t have a bad dream if we need to take down some people, it’s called collateral damage, it happens in war”
The other two guys kept talking to each other. Darnell sighed and replied.
“So, what do we do with the brat?”
The guy with the suit calmly replied.
“We prepare a secure zone to proceed as usual, this was unexpected, but might result beneficial, two unlocked in one city is quite a surprise, might mean there’s a key around”
Darnell gave Veronica a complicated look.
“Sad! You screwed up by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I suggest you to follow our instructions from now, or this will be pain”
After that cold sentence, Veronica was abducted by these guys, Darnell scratched his ear again and more people appeared, joining them on a march to an unknown place for the poor girl.
After half an hour walking, they reached a place, an abandoned house. The six men scattered as soon as Darnell gave a sign with his hand, each of them on a corner outside the house, the other two, guarding the entrance. As soon as the positions were taken, Veronica, that was now being hold by Darnell was taken inside the house, the guy in the suit followed them inside and closed the door behind him.
The house was empty, with neither furniture nor sign of life but the three. Darnell let her go and put a cigarette on his mouth. Veronica faced him glaring, swallowing as she was expecting anything from them, looking around for exits, for something to defend herself.
The voice of Darnell broke her concentration, but what made her completely forget about the plan, was what she saw. Darnell was holding his index up, and from the tip of his finger, a small flame was coming out, flame he used to light his cigarette and turned off as soon as he took the first smoke.
“… you will tell us everything you know…”
Veronica was completely amazed, so it was true, those were powers, she was an unlocked, but just one of them, how many were then? And what were they looking from her an Electra? She listened silent to Darnell’s serious toned words.
“About the target and it’s disappearance…”
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