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Rank Examples/Expectations

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Rank Examples/Expectations Empty Rank Examples/Expectations

Post by Minami on Sun Dec 02, 2012 9:03 pm

Pharaohs [not able to choose]

Pharaohs are the ruling people of Carioh. They are equal in their female and male counterparts. The new Pharaohs that lead the land are now couples. Years ago they were chosen for the task of restoring the land, and have done such, each producing heirs to keep the country growing strong. At this point, the heirs are old enough to learn a path, so they will. Their parents will continue to rule as they are, only this time, with a fierce enemy.

--govern or help the pharaohs govern the city folk
--they are attune with the Egyptian gods
--The more they channel the god/goddess's power, they less life they have left to live
--4 main gods, and only 1 shaman currently


>Ability to blend into the world around them
>work with long bow, recurve bow, throwing knives, tequin knife, kicker knife
>work best with shadows, no movement and soundless walking/breathing
>have special horses that are trained to move quietly
>secret service for missions that need done around the nation
>2-3 assigned to each sector since few survive the training


>Ability to be absolutely strong as hell
>work with broad sword, long sword, Scimitar, long dagger
>work best in all out fight, noise
>Battle horses built big and strong
>Serve as warriors for the country
>at least 9 per sector as they are easy to make, though some never make knights' man-ship day


>Stay calm during situations
>sword, spear
>statistics and movement of men
>Battle horses
>general for fighting
>2-4 per nation


>trusted people of the pharaohs
>carry pidgins with them when they go places with Rangers
>report only to the pharaohs [females]
>trained to be lady like and go under cover easily
>normally attends Rangers so that information can be relayed


>Attend Knights and are knights in training themselves
>trusted to take care of the knight's horse, armor and weapons
>expected to do as he's asked by the knight
>they can be knighted at age 17 when they are considered adults of the realm
>there is at least 1 squire per knight


>people behind the scenes
>take care of normal chores
>help with serving food, cleaning, setting things up, among other things
>do small tasks around the castle including spying on others

Bone Kind [of Old Carioh] [not able to choose]

>old, dead, shadowy spirit
>wants throne
>wants to destroy the half Egyptians that rule in his place


>Souls that have bodies that are not theirs but come from the upper world
>help lead forces in wars/raids
>just want to destroy and kill things


>monster and upper world people bred together
>powerful but not very smart
>good with sword or dagger, very few a bow

Shadow masters

>strong but not very bold
>good with a bow and dagger, light on feet, stay in shadows


>offspring of half breeds
>not very strong but are smarter than parents
>tend to move well in shadows and track things easily
>normally are the ones going on raids

Pure monsters

>very dumb
>little strength
>only good for charging enemy
>are huge
>treated as hunting dogs or scary targets for enemies to fire at as a distraction


>from upper world and raided out villages
>normally kept on a drug that makes them easy to keep quiet and working
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