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Hadarac Desert

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Hadarac Desert Empty Hadarac Desert

Post by Yaku on Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:24 pm

The Hadarac Desert is a large desert in central Alagaësia. It is the only known desert on the continent. Most of its inhabitants are humans of tribal societies, though there were some Urgal tribes as well. Some human tribes wore long robes and wielded deadly spears. The nomads had dark skin; Ajihad and Nasuada came from the Hadarac Desert. Some saw their customs as strange and/or barbaric, such as the Trial of the Long Knives. The nomads that lived in the Hadarac disguised their wells so well that no outsider would be able to locate them. The ebony skinned nomads of the Hadarac raised goats, a type of camel similar to the dromedary camel, and the desert horse, with white horses being valued. They usually chose shaded, rocky outcrops to erect their goat hair tents and pens for their livestock. They traveled on horseback while camels were used to carry their belongings and the women. The nomads were skilled in making jewelry and craftsmanship and were very rich. Punishing weather made it almost impossible for inexperienced travelers to survive in the Hadarac. The land was scorching hot in the mornings, and cold at night. The desert had many sand dunes and very sparse vegetation. Sand storms often raged across the area.
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