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Brief History

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Brief History Empty Brief History

Post by Minami on Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:59 am

Three young teens walked through a small woods. They were in one of the better parts of their country, as most of it was desert and nothing but rolling dunes of sand. A young man led the way and the two that followed were girls he had been friends with since he had moved from Carioh city. Originally, they were all from there, and somehow had managed to wind their way to this small town of Gizah.

They reached a clearing, and fanned around a bit, closing in on a particular spot on the ground. It was a tomb rock, with engravings on it.

"So did you find out what language it is?" asked one of the girls. She was tall for her age, something that ran in her family of tall people. Skinny jeans and a semi-tight tee was what she had chosen for today's excursion.

"Yup. It was in of your dad's books Bre," the male answered. "The one about Egypti--"

"Could you maybe hurry it up Raiga? It's freezing out!" the other female exclaimed cutting Raiga off.

"We tried to tell you it would be cold Star." Bre frowned, looking Star over. She had, of course, not worn jeans like she was told to. She wore short shorts with ripped up tights. Her shirt wasn't much better since it was a red camisole that just barely covered her midsection. Bre shook her head.

Raiga was dressed in a polo shirt, and a pair of dark jeans. He'd even thought to bring a jacket. He took the moment to toss it as Star before he went back to explaining.

"Egyptian. It's hieroglyphs," Raiga finished.

- -- --- ---- ----- ---- --- -- -

They woke up slowly, and rose to their feet. They found themselves in a tunnel, made of sand. At first Star thought it would fall on them. She soon realized it wasn't going to, as it was compacted tightly.

Bre looked down, and noticed something different now. Their clothes had been changed. Star and Bre now wore white dresses that when to about mid-thigh. They had a golden thin rope belt that was adorned with turquoise beads. They also had on little slippers. Around their upper left arms, there was a golden circlet and both had a different hieroglyph on them.

Raiga was the same, except his covered only one shoulder and left the other bare. His outfit was longer and went past his knees a bit. He had a gold trim on the bottom, and the same belt, only thicker. Instead of slippers he was given sandals that were laced up half of his leg.

Star thought the change of looks was great, though Raiga and Bre exchanged glances, worried about how this happened.

- -- --- ---- ----- ---- --- -- -

The Pharaoh's Room. That was the first sign they had come upon, and it stood before them. What was in the way though, was the same door they had entered through. Bre placed her hand on it and spoke the words the door had written on it, like she had done with the first door. Nothing happened. She tried again, and again, each time more frustrated.

Raiga studies the door, then on a whim, places his own hand on the door and says the words aloud as well. The door shifts, but doesn't open.

"Star" Raiga motions her to place her hand on it as well. She does after a few seconds of dawdling. They all turn towards the door and speak together.

Brief History 652


- -- --- ---- ----- ---- --- -- -

"You are now the Pharaohs of Carioh! Serve your people as they will serve you!" The old man gestured around at the crowd below. The eight of them hesitantly smiled at one another. They didn't know what to think, and now, they had kingdoms to divide and rule. What oh what to do.

- -- --- ---- ----- ---- --- -- -

Several Years later--

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