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Tialdarí Hall

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Tialdarí Hall Empty Tialdarí Hall

Post by Yaku on Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:56 am

Approaching the hall, you have to cross a garden, and pass through a line of trees. Before you notice, you have entered the hall and are now indoors, the trees having become more numerous and then thickened into walls on both sides. You will then find yourself standing on the threshold of a burnished wood hall without ever being conscious of having gone inside. The hall is warm and homey, a place of peace, reflection, and comfort. Its shape is determined by tree trunks, which, on the inside of the hall, have been stripped of their bark and polished until the wood gleams like amber. Regular gaps between the tree trunks act as windows, and the scent of crushed pine needles perfumes the air. There will often times be several elves inside the hall, reading, writing, or playing instruments.

This is where guests to Ellesméra would stay. There are numerous rooms inside this hall, some are accessible to dragons and some are not. Every room has found a different way to incorporate nature and the forest into its construction, like ivy climbing the walls or a brook running through the floor. It is indeed a wondrous place to behold.
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