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Nasrin Bangladeshi Hot Actress Hot Item Song Hit

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Rhunön's Forge

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Rhunön's Forge Empty Rhunön's Forge

Post by Yaku on Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:54 am

In the midst of a closely grown cluster of dogwood trees, almost like a tunnel, is an enclosed atrium of a house, grown from a ring of trees. An open-walled hut occupied the center of the atrium, next to the house, sheltering a forge. There is a large assortment of tools therein, which any smith would covet. You can usually find a sharp-tongued elf woman, Rhunön, within the forge, bent over her latest project. Working with a speed few can match, she makes armor, sculptures, and other things within this forge. She is the one who made every single Riders' sword, made specifically for them, save one: Eragon's, although it was made with much of her help. She had long ago taken a vow to never create instruments of death ever again.

However, she managed to get around her vow in making Eragon's sword, making it by using his body, taking over with her mind in order to help him at last receive a proper sword, made just for him.
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