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List of Dwarven Clans

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List of Dwarven Clans Empty List of Dwarven Clans

Post by Yaku on Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:43 am

Az Sweldn rak Anhûin:
Meaning, "The Tears of Anhûin", was a dwarf clan devoted to mourning the death of their former leader, Anhûin, and to avenge her by destroying all Dragon Riders, regardless of whether they served Galbatorix or the Varden. They were formerly led by Vermûnd. Orik proved to the other clans that Az Sweldn rak Anhûin had tried to kill Eragon using magicians, and traced each dagger the assassins held back to the dwarven city of Dalgon. The clan was banished from dwarven society until they replace their Grimstborith (clan leader).

Dûrgrimst Ebardac is a dwarf clan devoted to research and led by Grimstborith Hadfala. Little else is known about this clan.

Dûrgrimst Fanghur is one of the dwarf clans, this one dedicated to the Fanghur, giant serpents with bat-like wings that resembled dragons. It was led by Grimstborith Havard at the time of the Rider War, The Fanghur clan hunts red deer on the shores of Nalsvrid-mérna.

The name of this clan is dedicated to the Feldûnost, hardy, sure-footed, goat-like animals that populate the Beor Mountains, and whom the dwarves use as both steeds and food, as well as for their wool. The members of the Feldûnost clan were an agricultural clan, tending the Feldûnost and fields.
During the Dragon War, Dûrgrimst Feldûnost bravely stayed out in the open while the other dwarves hid, to tend the Feldûnost that provided the milk and meat that kept the dwarves from starving. Their Grimstborith is Gáldhiem.

Dûrgrimst Gedthrall is a dwarf clan led by Grimstborith Freowin. Dûrgrimst Gedthrall members were possibly stone workers or masons. Freowin was described as carving a small figurine and Skeg, a member of this clan, was assigned by Hrothgar to reassemble the Star Sapphire.

The Dûrgrimst Ingeitum is the dwarven clan of smiths. Literally translated it means "the firesmiths". The clan of metalworkers and master smiths. Orik, the current Grimstborith of this clan, is also the Dwarven King. Korgan, first king of the dwarves and first Dûrgrimst Ingeitum, had his personal symbol adopted as the clan symbol. The house seat is located at Farthen Dûr, the city that Korgan founded. Eragon was adopted into this clan by the previous dwarf king, Hrothgar, the first outsider to ever be adopted into a dwarf clan.

Durgrimst Knurlcarathn, meaning "stonemasons", was a dwarf clan lead by Grimstborith Nado. They are primarily miners, and also rich and powerful. Grimstborith Nado the current leader of this clan, made a bid for the throne, but failed, losing to Orik. Durgrimst Knurlcarathn is hostile towards outsiders.

Dûrgrimst Ledwonnû is a dwarf clan. The name means "necklace". It is led by Grimstborith Manndrâth. Little is known about this clan.

Dûrgrimst Nagra is one of the dwarf clans, lead by Grimstborith Thordris. The name is dedicated to the Nagra, a kind of giant wild pig that dwells in the Beor Mountains. Full-grown Nagra can be as large as horses.

The Quan are the clan in charge of religious duties, maintaining dwarven tradition and storing the dwarven gold. Durgrimst Quan is the smallest of all the dwarven clans, but due to their role as priests and accountants, they maintain a strong presence amongst the dwarven nation. The seat of their power is at Celbedeil, which was built to emphasize their wealth and standing to all other dwarf clans. Their Grimstborith is Gannel.

Ragni Hefthyn:
The clan name means, "The River Guards." As their name implies, they guard the border of the dwarven realm along the Âz Ragni. They are skilled river mariners.

This clan is dedicated to the Urzhad, which are enormous cave bears that dwelled within the Beor Mountains. They were one of the five native species of the Beor Mountains. It is led by Grimstborith Hreidamar.

Dûrgrimst Vrenshrrgn is a particularly war-like dwarf clan named after the Shrrg, a giant wolf native to the Beors, and is large enough to hunt Nagra. Their name means, "War Wolves". They are led by Íorûnn, a particularly beautiful dwarf woman.
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