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Bio on Dwarves

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Bio on Dwarves Empty Bio on Dwarves

Post by Yaku on Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:37 am

Dwarves (Knurlan in Dwarvish, singular knurla and Dvergar in the Ancient Language once known to all creatures) were one of the only races native to Alagaësia. Known as lovers of rock and stone, dwarves had a long lifespan and often lived in large, underground cities in the Beor Mountains. One of the most famous dwarf cities was located in Farthen Dûr ("Our Father" in dwarvish). The city itself, Tronjheim, was the secret hiding place of the Varden up until the Battle under Farthen Dûr. The dwarves had many clans such as the Dûrgrimst Az Sweldn rak Anhûin and the Dûrgrimst Ingeitum. With the fall of the Empire the Dwarves were accepted into the Dragon Riders along with the Urgals.

Before elves and humans came into Alagaësia, the dwarves and dragons fought in many battles against each other. Though never escalating into a full-scale war, these battles nevertheless left the two races with a rivalry.

The dwarves were not a part of the blood-oath pact between elves, men, and dragons. As a result, it was impossible for a dwarf to become a Dragon Rider. During Galbatorix's uprising, however, this proved to be something of a blessing, because the dwarves escaped the downfall of the Riders and the subsequent havoc wreaked by the new king and his minions.

Society and Customs:
The dwarves were split into thirteen distinct, miniature societies called clans. Each clan had its own clan chief, who was a member of the Council. The thirteen clan chiefs were responsible for electing a king; the king was the final authority over all the clans.

The forty-second dwarf king, Hrothgar, was in power at the time of the Rider War. Unfortunately, he did not live to see the end of the war as he was killed at the Battle of The Burning Plains by Murtagh. Orik, as Hrothgar's heir, was made clan chief of the Ingeitum and subsequently elected as the next king.

During the Rider War, the dwarves supported the Varden, allowing them to stay at Tronjheim in Farthen Dûr, and fighting along side them at the Battle under Farthen Dûr. One of the most treasured possessions of the dwarves was the contents of the library at Tronjheim, which contained many books and scrolls written in the same runes that humans used. Another of the dwarves' treasures was the Isidar Mithrim.

The dwarves believed that when a dwarf dies they must be sealed in stone so that they can join their ancestors in the afterlife. They refuse to say more than that to outsiders. They take great lengths to ensure burial in this way, for they believe that shame falls on the family or clan that does not bury their dead in this fashion. Under Farthen Dûr is a chamber for all the dwarves who have died while in the city. They consider this chamber a sacred grotto, and a special alcove there was set aside for Ajihad after his death. Unlike Ajihad, however, Eragon may choose to be buried with the dwarves and "sealed in stone", as Eragon is a part of Dûrgrimst Ingeitum.

Some dwarves, the deep dwellers, abhorr the surface world and spend all their time below ground.

The dwarves elected their new leaders in an amphitheater, as did the Varden. The dwarven throne room was lined with statures of the kings of the past.

Dwarves have thicker bones then humans and elves, allowing them to drill through their knuckles and insert a metal piece that allows the dwarf to place spikes on their knuckles, known as Ascûdgamln. The procedure is very dangerous though, and if done wrong, can cost the dwarf the use of his/her hands. Therefore, many dwarves are reluctant to have the procedure done.

Dwarvish Religion:
The dwarves were polytheists, believing in multiple deities. These included Gûntera, king of the gods, a warrior and scholar; Kílf, Gûntera's queen and the goddess of water; Urûr, master of the heavens and the air; Morgothal, the god of fire; Sindri, "mother earth"; and Helzvog, the dwarves' favorite god, who created the dwarves from the roots of the mountains. Dwarves were not fond of elves, as they did not share in their religious beliefs and often reminded the dwarves of that. Whenever Arya visited a dwarf city, she often engaged in an argument with a priest.


  • Akh - For

  • Akh Guntéraz dorzâda! - For Gûntera's adoration!

  • Akh sartos oen dûrgrimst! - For family and clan!

  • alfrell - Kind

  • arûna - To bless

  • Ascûdgamln - Fists of steel

  • Astim Hefthyn - Sight Guard

  • Az - The

  • Âz knurl deimi lanok. - Beware, the rock changes.

  • Âz Ragni -The River

  • Az Sweldn rak Anhûin - the Tears of Anhûin

  • Azt jok jordn rast. - Then you may pass.

  • barzul - a curse; ill fate

  • barzul knular! - Curse them!

  • barzuln - to curse someone with multiple misfortunes

  • barzûlegûr - a curse

  • belgond - pledge

  • Beor - cave bear

  • cardozada - lover

  • carn - one

  • carvlorss - one who arranges

  • Carkna bragha! - Great danger!

  • delva - type of compliment, also form of gold that dwarves love

  • dorzada - love; adoration

  • dur - our

  • dûrgrimst - clan (literally, our hall/home)

  • dûrgrimstvren - clan war

  • Egraz Carn - Bald One

  • enarûna - to bless the most

  • encesti - holiest

  • Erôthknurl - a stone of earth (literally, "earthstone"; plural is Erôthknurln)

  • eta - no

  • etzil - stop

  • Etzil nithgech! - Stop there!

  • Fanghur - dragon-like creatures native to the Beor Mountains

  • Farthen - father

  • Farthen Dûr - Our Father

  • fild - who

  • Formv - This

  • Formv Hrethcarach … formv Jurgencarmeitder nos eta goroth bahst Tarnag, dur encesti rak kythn! Jok is warrev az barzulegur dur dûrgrimst, Az Sweldn rak Anhûin, mogh tor rak Jurgenvren? Ne udim etal os rast knurlag. Knurlag ana … -This Shadeslayer … this Dragon Rider has no place in Tarnag, our holiest of cities! Do you forget the curse our clan, the Tears of Anhûin, bears from the Dragon War? We will not let him pass. He is …

  • Feldûnost - frostbeard (a species of goat native to the Beor Mountains)

  • Gáldhiem - bright/shining head

  • Ghastgar - spear throwing contest akin to jousting and fought on the backs of Feldunost

  • Grimstborith - clan chief

  • grimstcarvlorss - arranger of the house

  • Grimstnzborith - ruler of the Dwarves; literally "hall chief"

  • Gûntera Aruna - Gûntera Bless

  • hírna - likeness; statue

  • hort - moment

  • huthvir - double-bladed staff weapon used by the Dûrgrimst Quan

  • Hwatum il skilfz gerdumn! - Listen to mine words!

  • Ignh az voth! - Bring the food!

  • Ilf gauhnith - Dwarf expression meaning "It is safe and good."

  • Ilf carnz orodüm. - It is one's obligation/fate.

  • Ingeitum - metalworkers; smiths.

  • Isidar Mithrim - Star Sapphire

  • Jok is frekk dûrgrimstvren? - Do you want a clan war?

  • knurl - stone; rock

  • knurla - dwarf (literally, one of stone)

  • knurlag - man

  • Knurlag qana qiranu Dûrgrimst Ingeitum! Qarzul ana Hrothgar oen volfild … - He was made a member of Clan Ingeitum! Cursed is Hrothgar and all who …

  • knurlagn - men

  • knurlan - dwarf

  • knurhiem - Stonehead

  • knurlnien - Heart of Stone

  • korda - hammer

  • Kóstha-mérna - Foot Pool (a lake)

  • kythn - cities

  • Ledwonnû - Kílf's necklace, necklace

  • mahl - "cave lore" or hidden and powerful knowledge

  • menknurlan - some kind of dwarvish insult

  • menotho - unfaithful or faithless

  • menthiv - son

  • nagra - giant boar

  • oei - yes; affirmative

  • oen - and

  • Orik Thrifkz menthiv oen Hrethcarach Eragon rak Dûrgrimst Ingeitum. Wharn, az vanyali-carharug Arya. Ne oc Ûndinz grimstbelardn. - Orik, Thrifk's son, and Shadeslayer Eragon of Clan Ingeitum. Also, the elf-courier Arya. We are Ûndin's hall-guests.

  • Os il dom qiranu carn dur thargen, zeitmen, oen grimst vor formv edaris rak skilfz. Narho is belgond … - Let our flesh, honor, and hall be made as one by this blood of mine. I do pledge …

  • otho - faith

  • qetzil - stopped

  • qarzûl - cursed

  • Ragni Hefthyn - River Guard

  • rak - of

  • Sartos - family

  • sheilven - cowards

  • shrrg - giant wolf

  • sigt - flicker

  • smer voth - Serve the food.

  • strâddsigt - flickering

  • sweldn - tears

  • trangnarn - a species of hawk found in the Beors whose tail feathers are prized for their pens

  • Tronjheim - Helm of Giants

  • Urzhad - cave bear

  • vanyali - elf

  • vik - scratch

  • vlorss - to arrange

  • volfild - all who

  • volhort - every moment

  • volhortn - all moments

  • Volund - Eternal Fighter

  • Vol Turin - The Endless Staircase

  • Vor Hrothgarz korda! - By Hrothgar's hammer!

  • vren - war

  • Vrenshrrgn - War Wolves

  • vrron - enough

  • werg - an exclamation of disgust
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